In Progress

In Progress

–> Wings of Truth (Onicranium Dragons Universe)
Status: 2nd draft done

Elrund, prince of Alandra, always believed the Vincetii people were pure evil.
But when their queen is captured, he begins to question everything he thought he knew.
Elrund must learn to work with this new, young ruler to find and destroy an ancient weapon of untold power – before either of their peoples can use it to destroy each other…and possibly the entire planet along with them.

–> Threat From the Past (Psygens and Space Cats Book 2)
1st draft done, being re-written

Ensign Evelyn Mills is excited about her first assignment aboard the Goddard, until the ship is almost destroyed while investigating the mysterious disappearance of a cargo ship…

–> Etherno Volume 3: (No subtitle yet…)
Status: 12,000 some odd words done on the first draft.

Onin, Kasai, and the gang keep trying to track down the Natas. Meanwhile, Gesara joins the Union of Free Allied Planets and specialized teams are formed to fend off the combined threat of the Natas and dragons.