New Serial Story February 24th

So, after a while of not doing much (day job, blah, blah) I’ve decided to release one of my WIPs (Work In Progress) as a web serial. I’ve also release  new version of the website to make that process easier.

Three of the stories that I’m working on take place in the same story universe, on different planets. The elements that tie them together are the rare energy-capacitive metal onicranium, and the evil spectral-aliens, the Natas. Eventually, the stories and characters will come together.

This book is Etherno: Rise of the Dragongirl

Here’s the blurb: (updated 3/2/2018)

Scholarship student Onin thought magical school would be easy.

Sure, his roomie’s a little flakey and one of his classmates tends to sneeze herself into the wall, but that’s par for the course. Onin’s even made a connection with cute (and strangely warm) newcomer, Kasai.

Then the alien Natas start possessing humans and targeting the magically-gifted. Now it will take all of Onin’s wits and his magical classmates’ help to stop the invasion and discover the true endgame of the Natas.

Thankfully, they have a new half-dragon ally. One who seems curiously connected to quiet Kasai…

I’ll be releasing a new chapter every Saturday, starting soon!

Look for it here