Etherno: Rise of the Dragongirl

Etherno: Rise of the Dragongirl

Etherno coverScholarship student Onin thought magical school would be easy.

Sure, his roomie’s a little flakey and one of his classmates tends to sneeze herself into the wall, but that’s par for the course. Onin’s even made a connection with cute (and oddly warm) newcomer, Kasai.

Then the alien Natas start possessing humans and targeting the magically-gifted. Now it will take all of Onin’s wits and his magical classmates’ help to stop the invasion and discover the true endgame of the Natas.

Thankfully, they have a fiery half-dragon ally. One who seems curiously connected to quiet Kasai…

Stay tuned, a new chapter will be released each week!

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  • Chapter 1: New Girl
  • Chapter 2: The… “Witch”
  • Chapter 3: Cleanup in Aisle One!
  • Chapter 4: Bandits? In My City? (It’s More Likely Than You Think)
  • Chapter 5: Team Bonding? Sounds Sticky…
  • Chapter 6: Unwanted Help
  • Chapter 7: Natas? Not again!
  • Chapter 8: What’s a Matari, Anyway?
  • Chapter 9: Does Anybody Remember Last Night?
  • Chapter 10: Sun, Sand, and … Snow??
  • Chapter 11: Enough is Enough… Until it’s Too Much
  • Chapter 12: School’s Out Forever?
  • Chapter 13: Into the Lion’s Den
  • Chapter 14: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Chapter 15: The Herald of What Now?

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