Etherno Cover Reveal

Etherno: Rise of the Dragongirl now has a cover!

(Made by Bulbous Squirrel designs, didn’t they do a great job!)

Etherno cover

And, the first chapter will be available this Saturday!

How this is going to work:

Every Saturday, a new chapter will be released here. You can also sign-up for the newsletter to get a reminder when each chapter is released (No spam, I promise. My day job is a Linux sysadmin for a web hosting company, so I hate spam more than you do).

“Back of the Book” for Etherno:

     Scholarship student Onin thought magical school would be easy.
Sure, his roomie’s a little flakey and one of his classmates tends to sneeze herself into the wall, but that’s par for the course. Onin’s even made a connection with cute (and oddly warm) newcomer, Kasai.
Then the alien Natas start possessing humans and targeting the magically-gifted. Now it will take all of Onin’s wits and his magical classmates’ help to stop the invasion and discover the true endgame of the Natas.
Thankfully, they have a fiery half-dragon ally. One who seems curiously connected to quiet Kasai…